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Your wedding day is one that you want to last forever. The time and investment you take today will carry on for many more years to come. Allow all those that come into your lives to share in your best day. Customer service is what sets us apart from the others. We will discuss all the details of your day. Every event and detail will be laid-out before your big day. On your day we will be there capturing all your moments in a intimate but un-obtrusive way. Prior to the final product, we will consult with you again on key details. Your individual needs will be addressed to create the kind of wedding video and Photo's that you want.

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Budget Basics Package
We at Majestic Video Productions and Photography have included the Budget Basics option for those that, as it reads, are on tight budgets and would like coverage of your Ceremony and Reception highlights.

Basic Package (All of our packages include the following services:)

Silver Package (All that is included in previous packages plus:)

  • Two Cameras at Ceremony, One stationary camera and one manned camera at Ceremony to capture multiple angles of your special day.
  • Reception highlights
  • Time, Up to seven (7) hours of coverage.
  • The Wedding Video Montage, A dramatic music video consisting of a collection of most important scenes from your special day set to music of your choice.
  • Interviews with Guests, Personal interviews with selected guests at the reception hall.
  • Closing Slow-Motion Credits, with the names and faces of your wedding party set to the music of your choice.
  • Three additional DVD copies.
  • Includes at least 47 hours of additional effort hours.

Gold Package (All that is included in previous packages plus:)

  • Two Cameras at Ceremony, Two manned cameras at ceremony and reception.
  • Time, Up to eight (8) hours of coverage. (that equals 16 man hours)
  • "A Love Story" (up to 60 photos) and displayed on a extra large screen at your reception.
  • The Honeymoon Photo Montage, This is a collection of photos from your honeymoon set to the music of your choice. (up to 40 photos)
  • Footage of Bride at her place of preparation. (up to 1 hour*)
  • Interviews with bride and groom prior to wedding about their courtship. (1/2 hour)
  • An up-close interview with four friends. This could include parents, grandparents or members of the bridal party. (1/2 hour)
  • 30 Day Web-Hosing, Now everyone may view your Special Day even those that where not able to attend.
  • Five additional DVD copies.
  • Includes at least 90 hours of additional effort hours.

Platinum Package (All that is included in previous packages plus:)

  • Time, Ten (10) hours of Coverage. (that equals 20 man hours)
  • Footage of Groom at his place of preparation (up to 1 hour*)
  • �A Love Story� (up to 80 photos)
  • Honeymoon photo montage (up to 60 photos)
  • Internet access for friends and family to view your Wedding Highlights at their convenience.
  • Seven additional DVD copies.

♦ Diamond Package (All that is included in previous packages plus:)
(For the couple that wants it all; this package include everything.)

  • Three manned Cameras and Full Event Coverage over 2 days.
  • Rehearsal Dinner.*
  • 10 additional DVD Copies
  • 100 Thank You Video on CD-ROMs
  • iPod / Cell Phone Conversion, a file prepared to drop into your mobile device to watch anywhere, anytime. You'll be amazed how many people will end up seeing your wedding day!

New! Click here if you have done your homework and lots of research. You now know exactly what you need, and don't need...If not, give us a call first to help.

Click here if you have done your homework and lots of research. You now know exactly what you need, and don't need


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Now! Ask about Full HD on Blu-Ray Disc

Blu-Ray Disc

This is not your lower quality pro-sumer HDV format. We use the state of the art equipment to ensure your day is the best it can be. We utilize full 1920 X 1080, at bit rates up to 50 Mb/s, not that lower quality that is all over the place. That is over 1000 Lines on your TV, with full color and superior 4:2:2 picture quality. This makes use of the highest and most technical equipment for many years to come.

Each Package is detailed as a guide for couples to consider for their day to be captured as the most memorable day in their lives. Each detail will need to be discussed and customized to your needs. Please contact us for available dates and prices.

Individule Items:
For those that would like to pick and choose certain extras to make their day exactly what they want...

  • �A Love Story� video about couple
  • �A Love Story� video presented at reception
  • �A Love Story� with � hr interview and presentation at reception
  • Wedding Video Montage (highlights video)
  • Photo Album (20 still shots captured from video)
  • Honeymoon photo montage (40 photos)
  • Honeymoon photo montage (80 photos)
  • Footage of Brides preparation* (1 hr)
  • Footage of Grooms preparation* (1 hr)
  • Extra video time per half hour
  • Extra copies of DVD
  • Extra Camera (per hour) (still, not manned)
  • Extra Camera (per half hour) (manned †)
  • Rehearsal coverage or dinner coverage* (up to 1 hour)
  • Raw footage on DVDs
  • 4X6 Photo from video
  • Photo scanning/enhancement services
  • 30/60/90 Day Web-Hosting

* = Please inquire about allowance for travel between locations.
† = Shall not be less that total duration of service.
♥ = Includes unedited footage.
♥♥ = Includes your digital photo's, Scanning services are additional.

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