It is Majestic Video Productions goal to provide excellent services that meet the highest standards by providing a quality product. We believe an informed consumer will experience a more satisfying experience.




Warranty:  Majestic Video Productions warrants all of our DVDs for a period of thirty (30) days.  Warranty periods begin once the DVDs have been shipped.  Should any DVD be deemed defective within the warranty period Majestic Video Productions will replace the DVD with a new copy. 


Ensure you ordered the correct DVD before you break the seal.

Opened Cases: All returns and exchanges of merchandise that has been opened are subject to a restocking fee equal to 100% of the purchase price, plus shipping and handling charges.

Unopened Cases: All returns and exchanges of merchandise that has not been opened are subject to a restocking fee equal to 50% of the purchase price, plus shipping and handling charges.


Legibility:  Each customer is responsible to ensure their order form is legible, complete and accurate. Ensure your order includes any extra information that will aid in identifying your DVD, such as the date, time and location of your specific event(s).


Delivery:  We ship all DVD’s via United States Parcel Service (USPS), first class to the address you indicate on you order form. In order to ensure your order is delivered, we recommend that you select the higher shipping rate for delivery conformation. Majestic Video Production will not be responsible for errors made by the USPS.


Returned Check Fee:  Any returned checks or checks found to contain insufficient funds, there will be a $25.00 fee added to your bill. You agree to pay for any and all attorney and court fees to collect such funds.


Compatibility:  As DVD’s are still considered an emerging technology certain compatibility issues do exist within the industry.  Due to the varying component parts in the various DVD players on the market and the different operating systems and software systems available, certain recorded DVDs will not play on certain players/computers. We use high-grade DVD-R technology and Dolby Digital® sound encoding.  DVD-R is considered the most compatible recorded DVD on the market with the highest compatibility rate.  We print directly onto each DVD thus avoiding the use of stickers or labels which can affect compatibility.  While not all players are compatible with recordable DVDs please note that DVD-R is general playable on most players, Sony Play stations, Microsoft X-Boxes, and DVD-ROM drives found in desktop and laptop computers.


Waiver of Fees: Majestic Video Productions will waive restocking fees on all returns and exchanges that (in Majestic Video Productions determination) are due to an error by Majestic Video Productions, such as shipping the wrong merchandise. The customer is responsible for ensuring that their DVD player will play the DVD-R format and Dolby Digital® sound encoding. 


Steps to take if a DVD that you have received does not play:  If you have received a DVD and it does not work. it may be dirty, bad or a incompatible disk with your playback device.  In order to test your DVD please try it out on multiple playback devices as suggested above.  If the DVD still does not work, it is may be a defective DVD.  If the DVD does play in other playback devices but not your preferred playback device you have one of the following three options:

1)  You may keep the current DVD and watch it on a secondary playback device

2)  You may purchase a new DVD player which can be used to play the DVD (check to ensure that it is in fact compatible with DVD-R and Dolby Digital® sound encoding prior to purchase)

3)  You may exchange your DVD-R for a DVD+R format disk.  DVD+R is a less compatible format, however, it may work on your system.  If the DVD+R format does not work on your system you may either revert to options 1 or 2 above


To qualify for a return, you must inspect the merchandise at time of delivery and reporting any issue to Majestic Video Productions within (48) hours at (978) 297-2150 for authorization. Majestic Video Productions is not responsible for compatibility issues on behalf of the customer. If there are issues, the customer shall indicate their needs on the order form. Additional charges may be added if compatibility issues occur after the fact.  All shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. Should you need to return your DVD to us please mail it back to us with the following: 

1)  The item you are returning

2)  Your name, phone number and return mailing address

3)  The manufacture name and model number of your DVD Player and a description of the problem you are experiencing as indicated in the details of your phone call authorization


Upon receipt of your DVD, Majestic Video Productions will test your returned DVD and determine if it is in fact a defective DVD or if the problem lies with your playback device.  If the DVD-R is defective a replacement DVD-R will be mailed back to you.  If the DVD-R is in working condition we may replace it with a DVD+R formatted disc. Replacement DVDs are usually shipped within one week of receipt of the original disc at our facilities.